Delving into markets, technologies, and industries that are often overlooked or misunderstood

Deep Waters

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At Deep Waters Ventures, we believe that the most profound opportunities lie beneath the surface. Our investment thesis is anchored in the principle of exploring uncharted territories.

Diving through oceans to facilitate collaborative growth

We are committed to delving into markets, technologies, and industries that are often overlooked or misunderstood. By venturing into uncharted waters, we uncover hidden gems with the potential to disrupt the status quo.
Deep Waters Ventures manages over $ 10 million in assets, specializing in early-stage investments across emergent markets and jurisdictions. Our core focus areas encompass Web3, AI, DeFi, consumer dApps, RWA, BI tools, P2P solutions, and infrastructure.

Business streams

Venture Capital
We specialize in pre-seed and seed investment, offering critical funding to early-phase startups, enabling their initial growth and innovation.
Startup Powerhouse
We are dedicated to empowering startups during their early stages, offering intensive mentorship and strategic support to refine their path towards growth and investment readiness.
Value Enhancement
In addition to financing, we offer valuable value-add services in technology expertise, product development support, and liquidity provision to enhance the long-term success of startups.


Fractal accelerator
Space Farm


Oleg Migushkin
Managing Partner
Oleg is a professional investor with over 10 years experience in crypto, blockchain and venture investments.

He invests in crypto-financial industry, blockchain startups, cryptocurrencies, DeFi and AI technologies, FinTech, infrastructure and Web3 projects. Oleg also invests in real estate and car rental business worldwide.

Oleg also syndicates investments and provides advisory services to blockchain projects.


Roman Nersesyan
Investment Advisor
Roman is a versatile professional who started his career in valuation at Deloitte and later transitioned into Data Science. With experience in both Sell-side and Buy-side advisory in the VC sector, he's managed over $150 million in sell-side deals and leads a business angel club with 100+ members.

His current focus is on nurturing early-stage startups, having successfully closed 7 seed deals totaling over $4 million in investments. Roman's diverse expertise and commitment to startup growth make him a valuable asset to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Mark Leontiev
Mark, a crypto native since 2016, has spent the past three years collaborating with venture capital firms, web3 accelerators, and innovative projects. He's developed a comprehensive framework for evaluating thousands of startups every quarter. His work includes collaborations with organizations like the NEO Foundation Initiative for Education, Skyrocket Capital, Fractal Accelerator, Cold Fusion DAO, Marsbase dOTC, and others.

In his most recent role, Mark swiftly established an analytics department in just two months and selected 22 startups, with 13 of them securing a total of $4.1 million during the acceleration program. His dedication continues to drive valuable contributions to the crypto and venture capital sectors, solidifying his reputation as a trusted advisor and catalyst for success.
Paulina Nadolska
Paulina held the role of Managing Director at Digital Point in Dubai from January 2022, overseeing diverse business operations. Prior, she served as an Administrative Officer at EBRD from November 2018 to July 2020, focusing on on-site operations, and gained experience as a Community Manager at ICOguru. Her skill set encompasses business management, data analysis, budgeting, employee development, and expertise in Web3, Crypto, and Blockchain technologies.
Junior Analyst
Max studies and analyzes modern web technologies and concepts with a focus on Web 3.0. Max has in-depth knowledge of decentralized applications (dApps), blockchain, artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies shaping the future of the internet.
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